2021 Panels

Announcing the panels for the
2021 Fifth Annual Carolina Book & Writers Conference:


(Subject To Change or Adjustments)

Writing Your Legacy— Alice Osborn, Larry Perkins, Margaret Harrell

The Ink Of Love –Donna Steele, Laura Towne, Nancy Young

I Need To Sell More Books— Ashley Morrison, Lawrence Harte, Omar McCallop

Kids Read Too!— Jennifer Lowry, Kathy Simmers, Leslie Tall Manning


Superstar Writer— Cole Russing, Diana M. Needham

Diversity Is Good!— Carolina Fonseca Jimenez, Sunny Abree, Marke Freeman

The Foundation— Belea Keeney, Drew Becker, Lillian D. Henderson

Trust The Process— Daniel David Wallace, Divya Parekh, Anita Henderson




Note that the schedule for the event has NOT been finalized.

Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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