Diversity is Good

Diversity Is Good!– Authors from various backgrounds

Afsaneh Abree

Afsaneh’s stories of attending a Catholic school while living in a Muslim country is where you learn of her. Stories of studying during revolution & missile attacks and making a choice to be an instrument for growth. Afsaneh has been published in two anthologies during the pandemic and regularly blogs. She is currently working on two books: A memoir of revolution, war, immigration and love along with a collection of words of wisdom in memory of her late mother. 


Carolina Fonseca Jimenez

Carolina uses her dreams to guide her life led her to writing her first children’s book, Lupita and the Magic of Mexico. Her passion for writing and uniting families through her book filled her with the determination to write her second book, Lupita and her Magical Dreams! This book features the significant role dreams play in our lives at an early age. 


Marke Freeman

Raised in a single parent home, Marke has faced many forms of adversity making them the acme of her testimony. Her story is one of Commitment, Accountability, Perseverance, and Evolution, which she refers to as CAPE because this approach saved her life.

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