I Need to Sell More Books

I Need To Sell More Books– Secrets to Marketing, Presales and Sales

Ashley Morrison

Ashley Morrison is passionate about serving small business owners and helping other business owners and authors reach their goals. As for her company, she has two clear visions for her company: (1) Create a phenomenal marketing company that helps small business grow, not only in Raleigh but around the country, and (2) Establish a workplace that employees will love to come to and love to serve their customers.

Lawrence Harte

Lawrence Harte is a tech media expert, book & magazine publisher, and author of 119+ books as of 2021. He has sold 330,000+ books worldwide and has setup and tested 100+ ways to promote and sell books ranging from traditional book distribution to customized branded books. He has run specialty retail bookstores at 90+ trade shows and conferences worldwide.
He has developed creative ways to earn revenue from books including selling reference resource links inside the books, creating company and event branded versions, licensed eBook versions and others. He is also the co-author of Book Pre-Launch Marketing: How to Promote and Get Sales Before Publishing Your Book.

Omar McCallop

Omar is the Producer of Award Show Nation / Galaxy Studios
ASN/GS is a full service entertainment company that has irons in every aspect of entertainment. However, the company’s primary focus is in Music, Television, Film, Business Development and Entertainment Consulting.
We build brands that are targeted towards our client’s mainstream consumers – these individuals drive the prominent culture and lead the masses to the latest product, service and cultural trends.

Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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