The Foundation: Editing and Publishing

The Foundation: Editing and Publishing

Belea Keeney

Belea T. Keeney has worked as a professional editor for over fifteen years, and the focus of her work is on developmental editing, helping a writer find the structure, imagery, and writing techniques to tell a great story. “My goal is to help writers create the best story they can by showing them how revisions and expansion can make the writing really connect with readers.”

Lillian D. Henderson

Diana Henderson’s business, Creative Type, provides complete editing, proofreading, and ghostwriting services. Diana helps editing clients by polishing prose and illuminating the voice they are here to share. Her work includes copy editing, line editing, content and developmental editing

Drew Becker

Drew Becker runs a publishing company for independent authors. Realization Press has released over 30 books both fiction and non-fiction. As a coach he worked with first-time and published authors and business people to help with writing, branding and marketing. His focus is business books, books about health and healing and books by professional athletes. He also publishes other worthy books.

Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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