2016 Sessions


  • Get Started and Keep Rolling
  • Powerhouse Editing and Editors
  • Women in Writing Share

Lunch Break


  • What about Publishers?
  • Wiz-Bang! Book Marketing for Success
  • Running the Biz

Session Details

All sessions will be moderated. Our moderator is Teresa Robinson.

Get Started and Keep Rolling
Description: Should I write a book? Completing your first draft and beyond
Panelists:  Divya Parekh, Drew Becker

Powerhouse Editing and Editors
Description: The Necessary Step: Self-editing, hiring an editor or ghostwriter
Panelists: Alice Osborn, Andrea J. Wenger, Michelle Hill

Women in Writing Share
Description: Women share writing and publishing experiences
Panelists: Alice Osborn,  Diana M. Needham, Katrina Y. Billingsley, Divya Parekh

What about Publishers?
Description: Discussion of self-publishing vs. Traditional, Finding a publisher, Printing, Distribution
Panelists:  Dr. Kevin Snyder, M. Scott DouglassLawrence Harte

Wiz-Bang! Book Marketing for Success
Description: Branding, Market Plan, Graphics, Your Launch and Sales
Panelists: Diana M. Needham, Jennifer Davis, Omar McCallop 

Running the Biz
Description:  Legal, Business and Taxes
Panelists: Bill Davis, Cindy Henn, Donna Ray Berkelhammer

Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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