Ask A Writer Podcast

Ask a Writer Podcast with Drew and Omar

Third  Episode on March 2, 2024  1:00 PM EST

Unleash Your Creativity! 

We will discuss different publishing options.

Discover which publishing route is right for you when you listen to Ask a Writer podcast’s latest installment – Paths To Publishing; this Saturday!

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“Ask A Writer” seeks to answer any question you have about being a writer/author.  Whether you are a new writer/author like Omar or a seasoned professional like Drew, we’ve got you covered!

Hosted by the Co Founders of the 8th Annual Carolina Book & Writer Conference Drew Becker & Omar McCallop.

Drew Becker is a seasoned writer/author of over 20 years.

Omar McCallop is a marketing & branding expert and a first time author.

Together they produce the Carolina Book & Writer Conference ( ). The conference is heading into its 8th year.

Drew & Omar will discuss various topics as well as inviting various experts for their insight, while saving time for questions at the end.

Featured Segments:
Author of the Month
Ask An Expert
All Questions Are Good Questions


“Ask A Writer” is available live on the first Saturday of every month or recorded thereafter.


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