Daniel David Wallace

A British writer living in Tennessee, Daniel David Wallace is the creator of the “character-first” approach that has helped thousands of novelists get unstuck and plot their books. Every year, he hosts writing online summits that attract a worldwide audience, such as Style and Voice: the Writing Style Summit (April 2nd and 3rd). These events have been praised over a wide range of podcasts and YouTube channels for their vibrant community and welcoming atmosphere. He also writes a semi-daily newsletter, Writing Related, for an audience of over 6,000 writers. He is not, sadly, the Daniel Wallace who wrote Big Fish, nor is the Daniel Wallace, MD, of Boston, whose patients regularly email him requests for medication.


Topic: Why your opening chapters do not need an “inciting incident” — and what they do need

Many of you may have learned that your your opening chapters need to begin with an “inciting incident.”  This is not necessarily true. However what they will need is something different. Daniel will describe what is needed in this session.


Website  https://summit.styleandvoice.com
Instagram @writingdaniel

New event coming: https://forest.plotsummit.com

Free course for writers: https://danieldavidwallace.com/character-first-story/

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