Past Sessions from 2016-2023

Panels 2016

  • Get Started and Keep Rolling
  • Powerhouse Editing and Editors
  • Women in Writing Share
  • What about Publishers?
  • Wiz-Bang! Book Marketing for Success
  • Running the Biz


Panels 2017

Keynote Speaker Kristen Joy Laidig: The Untapped Power of YOU. 

  • Creating a Bestseller Book
  • Mistakes to Avoid with Publishers
  • Book to Film
  • Easy Button for Working with Editors
  • Book to Speaker

Panels 2019

Keynote Speaker Drew Becker: The Joy of Branding: Power Your Uniqueness

  • How to Start Your Book/Finish Your Book
  • Meet the Publishers
  • Top 10 Editing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Marketing Made Easier
  • Poetry and Song
  • Beyond Your Book (Film, Speaker, Business)

Panels 2020

  • Love, Romance and Writers 
  • Writing Your Legacy
  • Toddlers, Tweens and Teens
  • Book Prosperity
  • Authorship Extended
  • Will Write for Money

Panels 2021

  • Writing Your Legacy– Alice Osborn, Larry Perkins, Margaret Harrell
  • The Ink Of Love–Donna Steele, Laura Towne, Nancy Young
  • I Need To Sell More Books— Ashley Morrison, Lawrence Harte, Omar McCallop
  • Kids Read Too!— Jennifer Lowry, Kathy Simmers, Leslie Tall Manning
  • Superstar Writer— Cole Russing, Diana M. Needham
  • Diversity Is Good!— Carolina Fonseca Jimenez, Sunny Abree, Marke Freeman
  • The Foundation— Belea Keeney, Drew Becker, Lillian D. Henderson
  • Trust The Process Daniel David Wallace, Divya Parekh, Anita Henderson

Panels 2022

  • Keynote:  A Writer’s Journey Amanda Lamb
  • Biography and Memoir    Dewey Cassell, Margaret Harrell
  • Editing and Publishing Diana Henderson, Randy Peyser
  • Book to Screen Charley Cox, Cole Russing
  • The Nature of Copyright  Denise Gibbon
  • Keynote: Larry Perkins
  • Book Marketing Diana Needham, Omar McCallop
  • Write Your First BooDaniel David  Wallace, Drew Becker
  • Poetry and Songwriting  Alice Osborn, Jim Skiff
  • Multi-Cultural Authors  Carolina Jimenez, Adonal Foyle
Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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