Carolina Fonseca Jimenez

I was brought to the United States at the age of 2 years old. My parents desired a better life and had hopes of achieving the American Dream. I grew up in the public-school system, went to East Carolina University to study Psychology and then to Central Law School.

At the end of my studies, I learned that I was missing a deeper connection to our Latino culture and had a desire to celebrate it in some way. I began a journey of reconnecting with myself and with my family in a way that celebrated and united our two cultures. I began to learn more about myself and used my dreams to guide me.

This process led me to writing my first children’s book, Lupita and the Magic of Mexico which this year was turned into a play production through a partnership with Revista Latina. My passion for writing and uniting families through my book filled me with the determination to write my second book, Lupita and her Magical Dreams! This book features the significant role dreams play in our lives at an early age. As our reader community grew, I wrote my first adult book, Your Dream Guide as a continuation for my community to understand the meaning of their dreams.

Love and dreams have no borders. Our stories unite us and help us create magic! My passion is to inspire those around me by my example and my mission is to provide guidance in the art of Dream Interpretation.

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