Sharon Galluzzo

Sharon Galluzzo is the Amazon bestselling author of Legendary Business: From Rats to Riche$. At a time when many feel suffocated by running the businesses they love, Sharon helps entrepreneurs leverage the power of connection to ditch the dead ends, wrong turns, and guess work to make bold moves that drive business to the next level faster.

In her more than 19 years as an entrepreneur, Sharon has coached professionals across the country from franchise owners to solopreneurs to businesses on the verge expansion.  What sets Sharon apart is her proven business success, down-to- earth methodologies coupled with an enthusiastic communication style. Hers is not head knowledge but in the trenches, day-to-day action-that-breeds-success knowledge.

As a Profit Growth Strategist, she developed her proprietary strategies and processes as a multiple six-figure, award-winning franchise & business owner. Sharon also uses her certification in Human Behavior to provide enhanced communication methods to engage and keep clients, boost referrals, and make money.

Bottom line she helps business owners develop a plan of action and processes for increased revenue growth.

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