2023 Speakers

Speakers for the Conference
October 6-8

We wish to express our appreciation to Michelle Hill  for moderating the conference this year.


Keynote Speaker:    Brian Sykes, Artificial Intelligence and Writers
October 7, 2023

Panels and Speakers:

Artificial Intelligence

Bryan Sykes –  KEYNOTE Artificial Intelligence and Writers  Saturday
Tony Laidig   Artificial Intelligence Book Cover Secrets  Friday
Denise Gibbon Nature of Copywrite  Sunday


Divya Parekh How to Be an Amazon/NY Times Best Seller Friday
Panel–  Expand Your Reach and Sell More Books with Podcast Guesting Friday
Joe MatzMichelle Hill
Diana Needham Navigating the Book Marketing Maze: Proven Strategies for Authors  Sunday
Omar McCallop (Co-Founder)   Saturday

Editing and Publishing– Working with an Editor and Publisher

Diana Henderson Creating Golden Moments: Drawing in Your Reader Saturday
Randy Peyser  Finding a Literary Agent Sunday
Drew Becker ( Co-Founder)  How Not to PO your Publisher Friday

Book to Screen

Panel–  Saturday
Cole Russing,  Remy MadgeLucile Russing

Fiction Writing

Donna Steele  Creating Dynamic Characters  Sunday

Panel So You’re Thinking of Writing a Book Series Saturday
N. A. GrangerMae Clair

Daniel David Wallace Why your opening chapters do not need an “inciting incident” — and what they do need Sunday

Rich Levy How to Make a Life in the Literary Trenches: One Poet’s Story   Saturday


Don Vaughan Seven Pillars of Freelance Success Sunday
Sharon Galluzzo Navigating the Write Path: Essential Insights for Creating Your Business Book Sunday
Carolina Fonseca Jimenez  How can Community Outreach and Marketing in other Languages help your book reach new heights? Friday

Sponsor  Plottr Tool- How to Plot your Novel and more 

Demo Plottr  Friday

Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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