2022 Panels

Announcing the panels for the
2022 Sixth Annual Carolina Book & Writers Conference:


(Subject To Change or Adjustments)

Biography and Memoir— Dewey Cassell  Margaret Harrell,

Plottr Demonstration

Editing and Publishing— Lillian D. Henderson, Randy Peyser

Book to Screen— Charley Cox, Cole Russing

The Nature of Copyright: Creation to Registration— Denise Gibbon, Esq.


Book Marketing— Diana M. Needham, Omar McCallop

Write Your First Book— Daniel David Wallace, Drew Becker

Poetry and Songwriting— Tiffany Ashton, Rehji Burrell, Alice Osborn

 Diversity Authors— Carolina Fonseca Jimenez, Adonal Foyle



Note that the schedule for the event has NOT been finalized.

Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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