Drew Becker

Drew Becker

Non-Fiction Beginnings- Build your Foundations

IMG-10068Prior to his corporate life, he wrote and published a book on his own. He went through the entire process from writing to printing to distributing and sold all 1000 copies he published.

Writing, publishing, marketing, distributing and selling these copies taught him about publishing before the e-book revolution had began.

As a coach he worked with first-time and published authors and business people to help with writing, branding and marketing.

He wrote three books to help new writers: Write a Non-Fiction Book in 4 Weeks, Write a Fiction Book in 4 Weeks and Interviewing Quick Guide. The first two books set out a schedule and path to accomplish creating a first draft of your book. As part of author’s research, interviewing is crucial and he could not find a book to help with this and since he had done interviewing for articles he had written over the years, he authored the quick guide.

His publishing company, Realization Press, has released over 40 books both fiction and non-fiction. His focus is business books, books about health and healing and books by professional athletes. He also publishes other worthy books.

He has been published in  Writers Digest,  Business LeaderCarolina News WireTriangle Business Connections, ESP, The Original Relocation Guide, The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News. He has also posted numerous entries in various blogs, his own and others. He formed a company, Convey Ink that provides writing services, personal branding, video production and social media content creation and management.

Website: http://RealizationPress.com

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/drewbecker


Drew will appear on the Write Your First Book panel.

Carolina Book and Writer Conference
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