Larry Perkins Keynote

Larry Perkins Keynote Speaker


Mr. Perkins,  author and former VP and AGM of PNC Arena and Carolina Hurricanes, is a 37 year public assembly industry veteran with a vast array of expertise in venue management, including his 24 year service as Vice President at the Meadowlands Sports Authority.

He is the author of Buck Seventy-Two, A Destiny of Will, 2015, and has written numerous articles for the IAVM Facility Manager Magazine, Stadia Magazine, Teen People Magazine and others. He is an internationally renown Crowd Management expert. More recently, Larry appeared on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and a NBC TV Dateline segment on crowd safety and survival entitled, “Get Out Alive.”

Perkins is the Founder, Foster A Voice, LLC, a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to provide a voice, mentorship and support for foster, adoption kinship and for children living in an unsafe environment.

Buck Seventy-Two, A Destiny of Will, was born out of my attempt to write about my professional career and life. It started on the fifty-yard line of Giants Stadium, home of the New York Giants and Jets of the NFL, where I served as Vice President. By this time, I had a very successful career and I wanted to share the journey and many of the fun (and not-so-fun) stories of my experiences over the years. As I wrote, I just didn’t feel right. The words were not flowing and a strange inner feeling loomed. I was nearly twenty pages in when it hit me. I stopped typing and looked around as if someone had tapped me on the shoulder and asked me a question.

That question was, “Who are you?” My eyes darted from place to place as my mind raced for an answer. Pausing and searching, I became frightened. I was scared, shaking a little, nervously I suppose, and I felt lost. Sitting at the kitchen table writing, I realized that since the day I ran away from home as a young teen, I had never stopped running. My body and brain were always in perpetual motion.



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